2 Stroke 125 Road Legal for Sale

Roadlegal pit bike wpb 125 race all new bike ever ridden in the light of day word recorded for the road all documents dvla made bike has oil cooler upgraded sale due to the change of circumstances bike is for 30 minutes again all relevant papers at p 225 to 374 cc legal road Enduroe / Supermoto motorcycles Sharp, Sporty style with an affordable price tag has made the Diablo a must-have choice for all legal pilot learners, their own way of life. The racy 4th brand scooter 2022 Peugeot Django 125 (red / white) £3625 on the road design in motion modern lines, a nod to the legendary Peugeot s55, the mix of neo-retro. Kymco VSR125, 2022 Euro 5 model, new and unused, 125cc legal motorcycle with 2 years warranty and 12 months car tax included. Delivery in the United Kingdom. For sale is a really rare find. a 2007 CR125R Low-Hour with all the goodies. These latest generation CR 2 smokehouses with aluminum frame and the best and last 2-stroke produced by Honda and the 07 represent the absolute pinnacle of Honda 2-stroke performance and reliability. The torsion and suspension characteristics of this chassis are simply outstanding and the engine has all the overspeed and sleep power you`d expect. All this with a predictable Honda finish, fit and finish. I then did a meticulous and detailed restoration of the setting; Replacement of wear parts, resolution of all problems and maintenance of all components according to the Honda OEM workshop manual. I «FLIP» NO MOTORCYCLES — I buy solid 2-strokes that have tons of potential and then, thanks to many, many hours of patience and dedication, put this potential in the spotlight for a few happy riders! Of course, you can buy a bike for $1500 – there are a lot of them. This machine will not only leave you stuck on your first ride, but will later cost you hundreds and hundreds of dollars, countless hours of frustrated screws and wasted time that you could ride on a bike I bought…

Know that your ride was built by someone who knows and loves the 2-strokes. If you look through used bikes, you may find that most of them are covered in mud from poles to wheels, or are still soaked with the only laundry since Bush was president. I don`t use mud, dirt, water or gallons of Armor All to hide the problems of a bike. My machines look the way they really are – 2-hour smokers built with pride and knowledge. Customers constantly tell me that my bikes are personally even better — I think that says it all!! Please note that this bike is listed in many local auction arenas and I reserve the right to terminate this offer prematurely if it is sold elsewhere. The buyer is invited to pick up the bike in person or arrange shipping after payment. I will do everything to help, but the buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and costs. A non-refundable deposit of $500 PayPal will be requested immediately by the successful bidder or the bike will be relisted. The balance can be paid in cash, by cashed cheque or PayPal if the buyer pays all associated fees.

If you have any questions or arrangements, please contact Vince 229 881 4080. My home state of Georgia does not have a title for off-road machines, but I will give the buyer a purchase contract so that he can get a title if he wishes. Please visit my Facebook page «Honda 2 Strokes» in Doerun, Ga. for photos in the process of working this machine as well as photos of other past, future and present projects. I`m always looking for more projects and usually have at least one finished restoration for sale and at least one in progress. Please «Like» and follow my FB page for future updates…. Thank you for watching, please drive safely and BRAAAAAAP ON!! STOCK DIRECT SALE — SPECIAL BACKDOOR FINANCING AVAILABLE!! Ask JOSH! All-New 2014 YAMAHA YZ-1252 Stroke — Motocross Dirt Bike $5,397.32 — OUT THE DOOR, NO TAX** CALL/TEXT JOSH 1-740-296-9653 Email — [email protected] ORDER DESK TOLL FREE — 866-392-4531 CLICK HERE FOR FUNDING (For the fastest service, call Josh once you`ve completed the application!) Check out my other articles! PICKUP POSSIBLE 7 DAYS A WEEK! Call us 24/7 UNITS located in the Upper Ohio Valley warehouse.