2019 Field Guide for the California Peace Officers Legal Sourcebook

It`s a good resource, but it`s not super user-friendly. I need it for patrol and that`s fine, but I`d like to have the ability to back up frequently used PCs and a better search function. If I`m there and I want to find information quickly, I use Google because it doesn`t get what I need fast enough. IMPORTANT: Subscription to the e-source book required. The CopWare reference collection is all you need to become a better California peace officer. The CopWare reference collection includes both the California Peace Officers Legal Sourcebook and the California Codes, providing you with the important information you need to excel at your job. The text of the source book is provided with links to the codes. Whenever you see a reference to a code in the source book, just tap on it to read it! With this invaluable tool, you can quickly and thoroughly search for advertising reviews or prepare conviction cases. CopWare, Inc. is the only authorized publisher of the electronic versions of the SourceBook.

I use this app all the time. The only thing that would be nice is an option to save or mark frequently used, etc. This would speed up SEO and searching for codes that aren`t used as often. I love the app, but the only thing is when I go to «Search and Seizure — Vehicles». The app kicks me out. I tried to reinstall the app but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated.