Certificate of Entry in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities

The AIS «interaction» in both the registration and liquidation of business units ensures the implementation of the «One Window» principle. The Register of Legal Persons (the «Register») is now in force and available on the website of the Ministry of The Ministry of The Public Administration www.estado.pr.gov/es/registro-de-personas-juridicas/ The registration of legal persons is separate and different from the registration required to form companies, limited liability companies and other companies under the laws of Puerto Rico. Thus, upon registration, a business unit is automatically placed on all types of accounting, information about the opening of a current (settlement) bank account is sent to the bank, during liquidation, certificates from government agencies (organizations) on the absence (presence) of an outstanding debt are provided by the business entity. In the recent history of Belarusian legislation, the field of establishment and liquidation of a company can be confidently described as one of the most advanced areas of state regulation. Registration, taxes, customs authorities, bodies of the Social Protection Fund of the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, state statistics, the Belarusian Republican Unified Insurance Company «Belgosstrakh», archives, banks participate in this interaction. The USR web portal is not only a system that allows you to directly prepare and send documents to approve the name of the organization, to register the registration of companies by the state, to provide notifications of changes of location and appointment (replacement) of the head of a legal entity, and to receive an extract from the USR. It is also a resource that contains all the information that applicants need to set up and operate a business (selection of relevant legislation, document preparation service for subsequent submission to the register, information on restrictions on the establishment of a business, examination of options for the names of legal persons, Verification of the status of business units, B. Questions and answers on the application of the legislation, etc.). Since 2001, the Ministry of Justice, by decision of the Head of State, has been responsible for the tasks of organizing and methodology and coordinating the registration and liquidation by the State (cessation of activity) of business units (legal persons and sole proprietors) and the maintenance of the Unified State Register of Legal Persons and Sole Proprietors (hereinafter – CTR). Although in art not literally provided.

In paragraph 222 of the Civil Code, the Secretary of State stated that the registration requirement also applied to foreign legal entities operating in Puerto Rico. This requirement is independent of the requirement that foreign and limited liability companies engaged in trade or do business in Puerto Rico apply to the Secretary of State for authorization to operate in Puerto Rico. The creation of favourable conditions for commercial activity, including its registration, is one of the priority directions of State activity. The content of this CVM alert has been created for informational purposes only. It is not intended and does not constitute legal advice or solicitation by a potential client. An attorney-client relationship with McConnell Valdés LLC cannot be established by reading or responding to this McV alert. Such a relationship can only be established by express agreement with McConnell Valdés LLC. The USR is the basic government information source that provides a uniform record and identification of legal entities, individual contractors, and government agencies. 8,423 business units (1,926 legal persons and 6,497 sole proprietors) were registered in the Republic of Belarus during two months of 2020: as of 4 March 2020, the USR database contains information on 357810 legal entities, including 156,711 operational entities, and 1,104,536 sole proprietors, including 263,040 operators.

The registry was established by Article 222 of the Civil Code of Puerto Rico and requires that any company, company, partnership, special partnership, foundation and association established after November 28, 2020 register in the registry as a prerequisite for considering itself a separate legal entity. Therefore, these companies established after November 28, 2020 must now register in order to be recognized as a legal entity under Puerto Rico law. At the same time, improving the field of creation and liquidation of a business is inconceivable without the use of modern information technologies. To this end, the USR Department maintains the following information systems: In 2011, the Ministry of Justice launched and modernized the USR Web Portal (egr.gov.by), the main task of which is to ensure the electronic registration and liquidation of companies. This fact is confirmed by a series of reforms carried out by the Ministry of Justice: the main task of the USR department is to provide a convenient, fast and cost-effective procedure for setting up a business. The usr web portal is presented annually by the Ministry of Justice at the TIBO International Information Technology Fair. The Department of the Unified State Registry of Legal Persons and Sole Proprietors The Ministry of Justice ensures the completeness and reliability of the information contained in the USR, its openness and accessibility to the public, the development of methods and instructions for the holding of the USR. To that end, the Department of the Unified State Register of Legal Persons and Sole Proprietors (`the CTR Department`) was established in January 2002 with the structure of the Ministry.

At present, all applications, notifications, applications from citizens and organizations related to registration and liquidation can be sent electronically through the USR web portal. The USR has about 3,000 external users. Access to the USSR is granted to all courts, enforcement agents, units of the Commission of Inquiry of the Republic of Belarus, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus and other governmental bodies and organizations. The registration form must be submitted by e-mail. After evaluation and processing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Public Relations, a registration certificate with the assigned registration number is issued. It is always necessary to update the registry if the information provided in the application is changed or modified.