Civic Address Vs Legal Address

Suppose I live in a townhouse complex and my unit number is 001. The address of this townhouse complex is 12345 Example Street. 1. In business, it is another name for a registered address. 2. In all other regions, it is an address that has a registered street or citizen address, including property number, block number, district name or district number and others. What part of this address is 1) street number 2) street name 3) citizen number? Is one of them not applicable? I can`t wait to have the 911. You know how many times I`ve been in a community and asked what the number was for something, and I get 4 digits in return. As yes, I kind of need the first three. In fact, I am surprised that we did not have any major incidents, apart from property damage, which had to do with all the increase in tourism that we had. Everyone`s first response is «it`s simple, it`s 1111 or 2222, and in Yellowknife you can use any prefix,» well, that`s great unless you`re not from there.