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We have extensive experience in reviewing medical records and providing detailed timelines in various types of bodily injury. The timeline describes facts and liability, injuries, pain and suffering, loss of income, disabilities and impairments. We compile medical timelines with the utmost care for all common bodily injuries, including motor vehicle collisions, falls, workers` compensation, burns, gunshot wounds, physical abuse, veteran records, mental health records, and disability claims. Our lawyers at LegalHealth support patients` legal needs so they can focus on improving their health. Here are some ways we help: The first part of the Comprehensive Health Care Reform Act passed on March 23, 2010. Are you a doctor or medical provider? We provide information, training and more to help health care providers understand their role in meeting patients` non-medical needs. Visit to learn more. We are a team of paramedics with extensive experience in healthcare, primarily focused on providing standard and cost-effective quality projects. We compile medical timelines for malpractice/medical negligence. Legal elements in cases of medical malpractice include any type of breach of a physician`s duties, including, but not limited to, missed or delayed diagnoses, failed processes, surgical errors, claims from qualified care facilities, birth injuries, and failure to discuss the risks of procedures before obtaining patient consent. Injury or damage resulting from such a breach will be considered for medical malpractice claims. We also prepare medical documents for COVID-19 medical malpractice claims. #headinjury Suffering and Management / Medical Chronology / Pain Table / Chronology #medicolegal #qualityassurance #ontimedelivery Https:// [email protected] The Comprehensive Health Care Reform Bill enacted in March 2010 (sometimes known as ABA, PPACA or «Obamacare»).

#happy2022 #staysafestayhealthy Our innovative LegalHealth program improves health outcomes by addressing relevant legal needs and removing legal barriers to better health for patients with limited financial resources. We work with healthcare professionals in 36 hospitals and medical facilities in New York City, including NYC Health + Hospitals, Mount Sinai Medical Center, Montefiore Medical Center, CancerCare and many more. Social determinants of health – non-medical circumstances (i.e. Housing, income, food security, immigration status, etc.), which have a direct impact on health, limit access and quality of medical care. This reality makes LegalHealth not only revolutionary, but necessary. The law provides many rights and protections that make health insurance fairer and more understandable, as well as subsidies (through «premium tax credits» and «cost-sharing reductions») to make it more affordable. We prepare the case summary report for claims such as prescribed drugs or other drugs, malfunctions and/or malfunctions of medical devices or other medical devices, other dangerous, defective or dangerous products, automobiles and auto parts, household products, sports and leisure equipment, outdoor products, food, asbestos and other toxic contaminants or contamination. Use the company to inspire and implement solutions for every requirement through high quality standards. We wish you a «Merry Christmas» Gloss Health Legal Services Health Gloss Legal Services is committed to providing high quality products.

Health Gloss is a unique centre where we have healthcare professionals who take care of your clients who have unfortunately suffered injuries. #slipandfall #Trip and fall #premisesliability We prepare a pain and suffering chart and a medical timeline to represent the severity of the injuries sustained. #happythanksgiving2021 HealthGloss Legal Services Team The Act was amended by the Balancing Health Care and Education Act on March 30, 2010. The name «Sequential Analysis of Medical Records» is intended to provide medical events in chronological order detailing the type of injury, mechanism of injury, diagnostic studies, diagnoses, conservative management, surgical management and prognosis. We review medical records to prepare a medical timeline, medical or narrative summary, medical summary, investigation letter, statement summary, and medical opinion for lawyers. As an added value, we also create special reports in the form of graphs, tables, timelines, etc. We compile the medical chronology to a high level of quality and as early as possible. Even the most complex cases are briefly presented with all the critical details regarding liability and causation. We also communicate missing details and misrepresentations in the medical timeline.