Is the Ruger Lcp Max Legal in California

Famous 50 cal Barret won`t even sell his guns to CA police because CA made 50 cal illegal. It`s best to call Ruger and ask them to speak to the legal department. They can answer your questions. Transfer between stores If this item is out of stock at your local RifleGear but is available at our other location, no problem. Simply place your order and select in-store pickup as your shipping method. As long as the item is legal at your location, we will transfer the item for you. You will be notified by email as soon as your item arrives at its destination. As for the initial question, the LCP will not pass the CA drop test or drum size limits and is too easy to hide. I doubt that Ruger will ever submit the required number of weapons for the drop test, as the weapon still does not meet the CA parameters for a legal pistol. The information contained in press articles is current at the time of publication.

Product specifications and other details may change over time. Kahr has a California P380 version that is different from its regular versions. Kahr`s website describes why the Cal. version is approved with things like the loaded chamber display and the like. If you look at the features of the Kahr Cal version, you can compare them to Ruger`s features and find out what Ruger doesn`t. Hmm, there are a few on this list that you could use. NAA makes a good little weapon I have a NAA in .22 likes SA that works well. I see that the Taurus PT111 is there. Nice little 9mm, terrible impression.

Seecamp is also a great little weapon, but a bit pricey. Damn on the LCP and Kel-Tec two cool little weapons. Good luck to you, Rye PS: There is no comparison in the trigger train between a Kahr and a Ruger. The Kahr has by far the best trigger. There are several weapons that are great cover options, but Paniolo asked about the Ruger LCP. I agree that the 9mm and .38+P are more powerful than the .380 car, but again Paniolo asked about the Ruger LCP. By Guest Paniolo Cowboy SASS #75875, on November 28th, 2010 in SASS Wire So I discovered that it was not on the CA-approved list. and small enough to carry in your pocket (I do this all the time — Never leave the house. And second, these weapons are just double actions, and the Rugers probably have the worst (heaviest) trigger of all on the market. This is not hearsay because we have several DAO Rugers owned by family members.

Most people don`t like them because of it. I just found out I can`t buy it in California. Ruger is listed in the instruction manual on page 14 at the top of the page. I could be wrong, but most gun manufacturers don`t recommend carrying a gun with a bullet in the bedroom. I assume that the statements are made for reasons of responsibility. I`ve never heard that with the LCP until this thread… I think I should read the whole user manual and not just the parts about disassembly and cleaning. By the way, there is no «loaded room» display, but there is a «window» on the top of the weapon to visually check. The LCP MAX in .380ACP contains 10 cartridges in the same footprint as the LCP II.

This micro-compact gun is ideal for a concealed and self-defense transport gun. Includes highly visible visors, safe action trigger, improved ergonomics, reversible magazine and includes 10-shot magazine. Not for sale in California, click here for details. Paniolo is thinking of getting one for Mrs. Paniolo. Is LCP a good choice? In my opinion, yes. It is easy to hide, it is extremely lightweight, it works perfectly and with good defense ammunition, it will definitely make a perp think twice. I think his questions have been adequately answered, and I doubt he needs any more information on that gun.

And does anyone have any idea when it will be approved CA, if any? You have a valid point with the .38 + P, but no weapon is perfect. I have been wearing a Model 36 for many years, but the new models with the combat grips have a drawback, they interfere with fast chargers. They are just wide enough to prevent shells from falling easily and often getting stuck. I know it`s a hotly debated topic, but I let it pierce in my head between academic education and departmental policy to always have 2 refills on my person. Although the .380 is suboptimal, reloading is a breeze and the 2 extra cartridges paired with decent ammunition (Corbo, Hornaday, Buffalo Bore) level the playing field a bit. I`m just happy to live in a state that doesn`t tell me what handgun I can carry! It is NOT on California`s «drop list». It has NOT been submitted by Ruger for testing, and they will NOT submit it for testing. I think so, and it is up to him to make that decision. Any gun that does not pass the drop test or is not recommended by the manufacturer to be carried with a gun in the bedroom, I personally do NOT want my wife to carry such a weapon.

I have no problem with those who wear them, but not with any member of this family. Calibre Name: 380 Auto Slide Material: Alloy Steel Slide Finish: Blued Baron Material: Alloy Steel Barrel Finish: Blued Baron Length: 3.12″ Length: 6.00″ Width: 0.90″ Height: 4.50″ Weight: 17.20 oz. Visors: Adjustable fin 3-point capacity: 7+1 Handle frame: Black, high performance, filled with Nylon glass Rotation: 1:10″ RH Grooves: 6 CA Approved: Yes, I have a Kahr PM9. It`s slightly larger than the LCP, but it`s also a 9mm vs 380. I like the Kahr, and it`s just small enough to be called a pocket pistol. I have a Ruger LCP and I`ve never seen anything that says it shouldn`t be worn with one in the bedroom. How did this announcement come about? There was a recall at the beginning of production, but mine was not in the recall group. Maybe they said, don`t wear a circle in the room until the recall is resolved or something like that for weapons in the serial number range of the recall. The Ruger LC380CA is a lightweight and compact .380, California-compliant and perfect for personal protection. It holds 7+1 .380 caliber cartridges and features a blued and hardened alloy steel sled; a nylon handle frame filled with high-performance glass with aggressive texturing; a base plate with handle extension to improve handling; and a 3-point sighting system with fast detection and wind adjustable.

Features: Everything that is said does not prevent you from having one. It simply means that an FFL can`t sell you one in California or ship one to California. A private transfer of a «used» weapon within the state is feasible. The first rule of daily wear and tear is transportation!!!! Whatever weapon you carry on a daily basis, this is the best weapon/caliber for you! You`d be surprised how many gun manufacturers simply stop selling in the CA firearms market or even don`t care anymore because of its limitations and increased control. My statements are essentially intended to let the OP know that there are better options for his wife, from several points of view. Ultimately, the choice is his, no matter what others think or prefer. without it) Get an air-weight J-frame instead – unless it`s a backup for another weapon. :FlagAm:I don`t know why (who can understand the strange California rules) my. One of the reasons California doesn`t approve of it is, as Shorty put it, that it`s «too hidden.» EXACTLY! That`s why I wear one.

If it wasn`t recoverable, I wouldn`t wear it. If a person was so inclined, they could walk around the city with nothing but a fig leaf and could still hide the LCP. I`m not sure where he would hide it, but I have no doubt it could still be hidden. Pack Saddle Slim is right that the OP inquired about the Ruger LCP, and that`s the information they wanted and needed. Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) is proud to announce the reintroduction of the Ruger® LC380® pistol in California. The LC380 was initially introduced nationwide in 2013 as a low-recoil, easy-to-rack variant of the Ruger LC9® pistol. In 2014, Ruger made some minor changes to LC380`s production processes that would have required the gun to comply with California`s controversial microstamp law.

The LC380CA™ California compliant model mirrors the unmodified gun as originally approved by California in 2013. The Ruger LC380CA is a lightweight and compact pistol that is perfect for personal protection. The LC380CA packs 7+1 modern and efficient .380 caliber cartridges in a stylish and lightweight pistol. The gun uses the same cases and accessories as the rugged® and reliable LC9 and LC9. The LC380CA also features a blued alloy steel slide. a nylon handle frame filled with high-performance glass with aggressive texturing; a base plate with handle extension to improve handling; and a 3-point sighting system with fast detection and wind adjustable. The compact, 17.2 oz. Ruger LC380CA has a 3.1″ barrel, an overall length of 6″, a height of 4.5″ and a thin width of 0.9″. The compact frame and short trigger range are designed for a variety of hand sizes.