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Want to earn rewards? Join the SA Taxi Rewards loyalty program, designed specifically for taxipreneurs. Every minibus taxi financed by SA Taxi has a domino effect on job creation. Minibus taxi companies create direct jobs for drivers and drivers while ensuring the livelihood of the taxi owner. Indirectly, even when in traffic, taxis create a central market for goods and services where informal businesses, including retail, groceries, and car washes, thrive. In addition, other jobs are created directly due to the need for ancillary services such as mechanics. Since its inception, SA Taxi has facilitated the creation of more than 95,000 black-owned taxi companies, as well as more than 172,000 direct jobs and 287,000 indirect jobs in a country where the unemployment rate is over 34%. We are proud to introduce Legal Assist, one of the many benefits automatically included in our comprehensive insurance coverage. Why not insure your taxi with taxi industry experts who understand that you are more than just a business owner? Call us on 0800 214 790 for a no-obligation quote or speak to your broker today. Minibus taxis are an integral part of South Africa`s public transport infrastructure. About 70% of local households in South Africa use minibus taxis, which account for 84% of daily traffic and about 15 million daily trips.4 We are the first financial services provider to focus exclusively on the taxi industry, contributing to direct and indirect job creation. COVID-19 is having a huge impact on the South African economy, and the minibus taxi industry – like so many others – continues to feel the effects. SA Taxi has taken a proactive approach to ensure that support can be offered to stakeholders in the minibus taxi industry, which remains the most critical form of transport infrastructure in South Africa, to minimise the spread of the virus.

SA Taxi has successfully set up a COVID-19 vaccination centre at its Gauteng site, home to a quarter of South Africa`s population, where the company has distributed vaccines to minibus taxi participants. The vaccination centre administers an average of 200 vaccines per day, with all vaccination processes carried out in accordance with South African Department of Health regulations. In addition, SA Taxi is also distributing COVID-19-related PPE such as disinfectants and masks to all vaccine beneficiaries at the SA Taxi vaccination center. Are you starting or expanding your business? Buy your high-quality new or renewed taxi through SA Taxi – the taxi specialists. We have developed bespoke policies, including comprehensive coverage and value-added products, to meet your specific needs as a taxipreneur. SA Taxi was founded in 1996 and is a provider of financing, insurance and related minibus products in South Africa. The company fills a critical financing gap by providing loans to «taxipreneurs» who would otherwise be excluded from the formal economy because of their credit profile. With an estimated 12 million South Africans classified as unbanked, this segment of the population can only access capital through a limited number of channels. Our non-profit organization aims to implement sustainable projects that contribute to and have a positive impact on taxi communities. With a large stock of new and used parts, we have everything you need to ensure the optimal appearance and operation of your taxi. Monday to Friday (9:00 a.m.

to 6:00 p.m.) Saturday (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.). (T) 011 550 9300 (switchboard) (T) 011 550 9460 (account requests) (F) 011 550 9610 SA Taxi The Dome (within WeBuyCars) Avenue Olievenhout Northgate Randburg 2162 Head Office Monday to Friday: 19:00 to 17:00 Saturday and Sunday: Closed. SA Taxi Renewed Taxis goes through a process of mechanical renovation and high quality panels to ensure that. SA Taxi Protect offers tailor-made insurance specifically tailored to your needs as a child. Although South Africa has made significant progress in improving the well-being of its people since its transition to democracy in the mid-1990s,1 it remains one of the most economically unequal countries in the world. About 55% of the population lives in poverty2 and the country`s Gini index is 63.3, the highest in the world. Boutique 15 (Phase 1) The Grove Shopping Centre, Cnr R40 Riverside Road & Gorge Street, Riverside, Mbombela 1 Dove Street (at WeBuyCars showroom) Brackenfell Cape Town 7580. [1][2][3][4] (figures updated by SA Taxi in November 2021)[5] Term used to refer to Africans, people of color and Under South Africa`s BBBEE Act, the holding company featured here is for educational purposes only and may not represent all portfolio holdings.

It should not be assumed that investments in the identified and discussed business were or will be profitable. The companies presented were selected on the basis of their financial inclusion and impact, without reference to the amount of realized or unrealized capital gains or losses. All key figures of the portfolio listed here have been published by SA Taxi itself as of 30.06.2021. (T) 011 592 8600 WhatsApp: 082 739 1422 (text only) 59 Intersite Ave (in WeBuyCars) Springfield Park Durban Mon – Fri 08:00 to 17:00 Sat 08:00 to 12:00 Sun & holidays closed.