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I love the spectrum, it`s an American core company and it`s run by American employees who work hard to keep people happy every day, and no matter how hard you try, not everyone will be happy. This company reversed a faulty cable system. I`m sure things aren`t perfect, but if you`re trying to advance technology, you never do, and I know anyone who complains about that form isn`t perfect in every aspect of their life, but this company employs over 100,000 U.S. citizens. And that`s what it takes to make this country great again. If we don`t defend our U.S. companies, then we are consumed by our land and see how much you have to pay just to say About the Utica NY market because it`s not a populated area, so they target that area with higher costs besides Time Warner Cable Spectrum is a brand and they use charter prices. Charter has the highest cable, internet and telephone service in the country. New York State and 22 other states are still under contract with TWC but use charter prices. RIP to the client and they can`t provide top-notch services, this area is a dead market like New York State.

Never, never, never, never in my life did I ever think I would sing Time Warner Cable`s praises about another company, but for God`s sake, how did they manage to ruin Time Warner Cable even more!!!!!!!!! The 3-month blackout period I had to endure last summer while you were «improving our internet speeds» was bad enough (thanks TWC for the meagre but now retrospectively estimated at $30 in credit I received for it). However, I have been a TWC customer for 5 years. Whenever I was late with an invoice, I could always make a payment agreement to avoid a service interruption. And now you`ve deprived your customer service representatives in chat and on the phone of the ability to make payment arrangements???!!!! Literally, none of the 9 people I`ve spoken to in the last few days could do anything for me. They tell me, «The computer won`t let us do that.» «No one can replace the computer.» «Your deadline is the 29th, but your service could be lost before that because the computer does it and we can`t replace it.» WHAT!!!! It is absolutely ridiculous that in your entire organization, there is not a single person who can help me with a payment agreement, a loan, a pushback to my service deadline, ANYTHING to help a client who was with the company you recently bought for 5 years. Comcast sucks. TWC sucks. But SPECTRUM sucks more. I hope you go bankrupt, idiots.

I`ll switch to Centurylink on Monday if my service is enabled. Carol, I called to complain about my bill and was shocked when I got a polite customer service representative. He told me what my new bill would be with the special that he could put on me for a whole year. I asked him to repeat it twice and I said it and he said yes, it would be your bill for next year for this special, with a small difference in the fees charged. The next month, I received my bill and saw that it was 50 more per month than the representative had promised me. The person who told me that there was nothing like it did not exist, I asked to speak to a SUP, and he said the same thing, nothing like that. I asked them to look in the notes, hoping that the first representative who made this promise had noticed, but can you believe that he was not really surprised. Spectrum is nothing but liars and cheaters. I contacted the FCC in the hope that they would investigate their practices. The FCC contacted me and said they had spoken to Spectrum and couldn`t do anything. I have read all the reviews and I agree that it keeps a lot of people busy.

Unfortunately, these people probably hate their job because they have to lie and deceive people. Spectrum starts by telling you that the bill will be a price, then a few months go by the bill increases. There is no increase of a few dollars, it is 30 dollars and more increases. If you call to inquire about the increase, they will tell you that it is an advertising price. This subsidy rate ends after one year, and then the bill increases again because another subsidy rate ends. If you call and ask for a new promotion, they`ll tell you they don`t have one. If you threaten to cancel the service, they don`t care. They will tell you to bring all their equipment back to the nearest store. Impressive! I`m sure they weren`t as rude as they wanted you to sign up for their cable services.

If you want a variety of channels, you`ll pay extra for it. They are not honest about their service, and they do not care about consumers. I`m not talking about front-line employees, I`m talking about the people above them signing their cheques. Spectrum really has a monopoly in most areas and they know they have the upper hand. Whether or not they have the monopoly and the upper hand, they must tell the truth about their service and prices and improve their customer service. People may have problems with gas, electricity or the like, but that doesn`t excuse lies and bad service. Customers are what employ Americans and keep businesses running. Spectrum claims that they are the best cable company.

Unfortunately, if you call to complain about their service or problems with their equipment, you will be on hold for at least 15-30 minutes. If you ask to speak to a supervisor, they don`t have one. If you tell them they can call you back within the promised two hours, you won`t get a reminder. The automated service calls through your service 15 minutes after the call to see how satisfied you were with the service. If you give them a 1 for bad service, the automated service will stay with you after the third response. I know people need jobs, but not jobs like this. I feel sorry for the people who are employed by them because they have to take calls from dissatisfied customers. I also feel sorry for consumers who have no other options. People should be able to choose the company that suits them best. Companies must be held accountable for false advertising and poor service. Everyone knows that things cost money, but companies need to be honest about the costs so people can budget and choose wisely.

This is the high-level list that comes to mind. Horrible infrastructure. They also have a monopoly on the area, which means I can`t do ANYTHING if I want cable and wifi. I pestered Verizon for 2 years to move to my area to leave behind this live infectious abscess from a cable company. We sewed Time Warner now Spectrum for better service and billing after talking to a rep and their ads, we never got what they promised, slow internet, TV was always freezing and the phone was down, we had reps and made many calls. That`s another thing, if you call often, you need to talk to someone in India or the Philippines. One of the main reasons we changed is that the last company we were with raised prices without contacting the customer. The spectrum is no different. I now know that customer service is a thing of the past. As an ordinary Joe, you`re stuck handing out all your hard-earned money to these arrogant corporations. This is what happens when our politicians allow monopolies. I consider Spectrum a liar and the best on a scale of 1 to 10 – 10 – Rated -1 I started when they were TWC, I can honestly say that since they became spectrum there, the TV service is the worst.

The da**ed thing keeps freezing and asks me to «please wait». I`ve had enough. It`s time to look for a new supplier. I cancel twc/spectrum. They even make Dish look good. UVerse is an option, but not sure about the offer stated in the mail, but DVR is included. Another tempting option is DTV Now with Playon to record the shows, but this requires the use of a hard drive, but I can use a laptop and not just a desktop computer. I`m still learning about Playon and so they have a cloud version, but it`s for mobile and a desktop version that records to disk. I hope the files are smaller and I can run them on VLC. Not quite sure.

So I have questions about how Playon works.

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