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Estate planning and long-term care is a critical consideration for Americans as they approach retirement age. However, many families in central Ohio avoid the topic until it`s too late. If you`re struggling with retirement planning, the professionals at Winkler Legal, LLC can help. Winkler Legal, LLC is a senior law firm in Columbus focused on legal issues facing seniors, families, and people with disabilities. With more than 23 years of legal experience, Dirk Winkler has the experience to handle simple and complex legal issues for our clients. We take care of all matters related to seniors, estate planning, family law and inheritance law in order to prepare you for the challenges associated with retirement provision and long-term care planning. Please contact us for a free consultation and to see how we can help you and your family look to the future with confidence. A central Ohio law firm focused on legal issues faced by seniors, families, and people with disabilities. Individuals avoid planning for the elderly for a variety of reasons; They worry about the cost, they don`t know what it entails, or they don`t think they have enough assets to justify a long-term care plan. However, anyone who retires needs a comprehensive care plan to protect them for the future. At Winkler Law, LLC, we can help.

Our experienced and knowledgeable Columbus legal team will work with you to navigate the complexities of estate administration, elder law and long-term care so you can understand your options and make informed decisions. During our initial consultations, Dirk Winkler will guide you through the various facets of estate planning, Medicaid eligibility, asset protection, long-term care, wills, trusts, and qualifying for financial support for nursing home costs. Whether we are implementing an advance planning asset protection strategy or a crisis planning asset protection plan, Dirk Winkler, your Columbus Elder Law attorney and the legal team at Winkler Legal, LLC can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation. A lawyer`s most important responsibility is to manage clients` rights and options. Expert advice on the many legal issues surrounding elder planning and long-term care is ultimately the best protection against unexpected tragedies or loss of income. With Winkler Legal, LLC, you can rest assured that your future is protected and that your estate and long-term care plans are sound. Dirk Winkler, your probate attorney in Columbus, knows what to expect when it comes to planning for seniors and makes sure you feel comfortable in old age.

Together with you, we develop a comprehensive estate and care plan to protect your wealth and secure your financial future. We know that the death of a loved one is difficult enough, which is why we offer comprehensive estate administration services that relieve you of the tasks involved in administering an estate. Winkler Legal offers clients of all ages and family circumstances, including business owners and retirees, comprehensive estate planning for the use and preservation of assets. We are a law firm focused on seasoned lawyers that helps seniors and their families plan for tomorrow`s health crisis today through Medicaid planning and other options. OR FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW TO SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION.