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If domestic violence clinics are unable to serve you, family law mediators are available at all locations to help you with your administrative procedures. Support is provided on a first-come, first-served basis and appointments are not available. Be prepared to spend at least half a day to a full day in court to get your injunction. Led by the YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley, the North County Family Justice Center (NCFJC) is a multi-jurisdictional collaboration and community partner that provides services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. The NJFC is comprised of lawyers and non-lawyers with extensive expertise that includes immigration law, family law, legal representation, criminal (law enforcement) law, victim compensation assistance and law enforcement assistance. Service providers include the Santa Clara County District Attorney`s Office, Step Forward Foundation, family law attorneys, and YWCA attorneys. The CNJF also refers to other organizations as needed for additional support. Double and Forney, APLC can help you with legal advice and representation. Each case is different and unique, but the laws that apply to each case are the same. An experienced family law lawyer can guide you through this complex area of law. You don`t have to go through this alone and feel free to take advantage of the resources listed above, and of course, you`re encouraged to do your own research. Two family law codes of conduct for issuing and issuing injunctions are FLC 6203 and FLC 6320.

Domestic violence clinics are available throughout the county to help you prepare the forms needed to obtain a restraining order. Legal aid agencies offer the following clinics. Case Management: Advocating and assisting survivors in developing plans for legal, financial, educational, employment, housing and other essential needs. For homeless shelters, housing, food, health insurance resources, and more, contact: 211 San Diego: Call 2-1-1 or visit 211sandiego.org. San Diego Family Justice Center: Provides assistance for the enforcement of the injunction in a comfortable and safe downtown neighborhood while providing a wide range of comprehensive services such as advocacy, counseling, legal advice, etc. Transportation Assistance: Eligible program members receive assistance in the form of fuel cards, transit passes or carpooling for essential transportation to obtain or maintain employment. attend medical, legal or housing appointments; and access to other essential services. There is no free help to help you use it. See clinics below. Temporary shelter: Extended temporary accommodation for survivors to develop a housing plan while using legal and counselling services. Legal Support: Financial support for domestic violence cases for family law and immigration services through external legal partners.

Note: Voiance Language Services is always available when a walk-in or partner needs help with interpretation. The ill-treatment or violence must be new within 30 days. Domestic violence is widespread and affects all genders, all races – all people. Learn more about the prevalence of violence and abuse in our community. Mental Health Counselling: Individual and group therapy to support the healing of adult and adolescent survivors who participate in our residential programs. Your donations of money, goods and time can have a lasting effect. Learn more about how you can support our mission to help survivors succeed. Every year, the YWCA helps thousands of people safely escape abuse, gain access to vital resources and reshape their lives. People come to us desperately. Meet survivors who have gained independence and rebuilt their lives with renewed hope and determination. YWCA Golden Gate Silicon Valley is a Department of Justice certified agency – we can help survivors apply for their U, T or VAWA visa. To obtain a domestic violence injunction, you MUST have or have had a close personal relationship with the party you wish to refuse.

By law, a relationship is defined as «close» if at least one of the following conditions is true: Any first-class or government email sent to this address will be forwarded within 48 hours. Take steps for your safety The timing of your departure or if you have recently left an abusive relationship can be the most dangerous time. Take this opportunity to learn more about how you can increase your security. There are lawyers, emergency shelters, and other services available in San Diego County to help during this critical time. A victim who is the target of abuse but does not have the necessary relationship with the thug can file a civil injunction for harassment. Click here for more information on civilian harassment. The Safe At Home program gives you a secondary mailing address that you can use for official documents, including: To receive a civil harassment injunction package, go to the civil affairs office. There are many free resources in San Diego for victims of DV. Below is a partial list of phone numbers as a reference for domestic violence. Check their availability during this COVID-19 medical pandemic.

A safety plan is recommended by domestic violence experts, including the National Centre for Domestic and Sexual Violence. Your safety plan template includes, but is not limited to, the following procedures and protocols:** Covers unincorporated areas of the county and contracted cities: Del Mar, San Marcos, Encinitas, Santee, Vista, Solana Beach, Lemon Grove, Imperial Beach, and Poway. For many victims of domestic violence, immediate protection and safety from danger is paramount. In addition, for many victims of family violence, there are no financial resources available for alternative housing, and some victims may also be victims of financial abuse by not having access to funds or vehicles and no way to safety and no money. There are abuse shelters in San Diego County and they offer various services: San Diego YWCA Regional Domestic Violence Resource Guide San Diego County does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religious beliefs, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions), national origin, ancestry, age, physical disability, intellectual disability, health status, HIV/AIDS status, family care status, veteran status, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or other foundation protected by local, state, and federal laws. Where necessary, the YWCA will also make reasonable accommodations for guests with disabilities. To apply for a domestic violence injunction, you can obtain a set of domestic violence injunctions from the San Diego County Court Office at the following locations. Please note: packages are NOT available in the Hall of Justice or Kearny Mesa.

Kits are also available here — Domestic Violence — Applicant for Injunction Kit and Family Violence Kit — Injunction with Children. Please complete the relevant form package as thoroughly as possible before going to court. Instructions are included in the kits and forms can be completed online. Domestic violence is reported to be on the rise in a context of stress and pressures related to forced cohabitation and economic hardship, as well as increasing drug and/or alcohol use associated with the ongoing medical pandemic. Domestic violence can [and affects] victims of all ages, genders, races and nationalities. The San Diego District Attorney`s Office has resource recommendations if you or someone you know is being abused by domestic violence. They recommend calling 911 if you are in immediate danger. This call to the police will immediately call for help. If you`re not in immediate danger, they recommend calling the National Domestic Violence Helpline at 800-799-7233.

There are several languages and they also have an online chat. The hotline is staffed by counsellors trained in domestic violence issues and concerns, and is available seven days a week [twenty-four hours a day]. The hotline call is confidential and you may receive a referral for services in San Diego. Your staff can also help you educate about safety, support and plan for victims of domestic violence. Doppel and Forney`s law firm, APLC, has represented DV victims in San Diego family law cases involving custody and visitation and injunctions. A free consultation of up to 30 minutes in their office can be arranged by calling 800-769-4748. The Vi McKinney Becky`s House® Shelter: A safe, temporary shelter for adults and children in need of immediate protection and support. It is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.