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Decades of experience helping hundreds of people achieve their immigration goals. Whether it`s an urgent issue or having long-term plans for you and your family, we can put you on the right track. Don`t waste another day thinking about it. A solution is just a phone call away. 213-488-9642 ALIF has over 36 years of experience handling a variety of immigration cases that help the Hispanic community with all its immigration needs and in all states of the United States of North America (USA). Either to protect them from deportation, to obtain work permits, to obtain permanent residence or visas for legal immigration to the United States. Many undocumented immigrants can obtain work permits and apply for permanent residence for years of residency in the United States and/or through their immediate family members who qualify them for an immigration benefit. Since 1986, LIF has helped immigrants legally obtain the immigration benefits they are looking for through complex and ever-changing immigration requirements. For too long, Congress has funded a bloated, unnecessary, and inhumane immigration enforcement regime that contributes to the mass incarceration of immigrants and separates millions of families. Asian Americans Advancing Justice is a member of the Defund hate campaign and works to educate Congress and the public about the need to relieve immigration officials and detention beds and prevent the construction of a border wall. Families are the cornerstone of American communities and help our country prosper. Since the Immigration and Citizenship Act of 1965 (INA) ended the old racist quotas of national origin that greatly favoured immigrants from Northern and Western Europe, our immigration system has prioritized family reunification and the preservation of diversity.

As a result, many new immigrants were able to take root in the United States, regardless of their wealth, race, or religion. The Advancing Justice affiliation, along with its partners, organized the Value Our Families campaign to build public support for an immigration system that protects and promotes family unity and contributes to the social and economic fabric of America. The Values Our Families campaign is a network of local and national community and advocacy organizations that oppose attacks and propose damaging changes to our current family immigration system. In addition to defending itself against harmful rhetoric and policy changes, Value Our Families lobbied for positive solutions such as Rep. Judy Chu`s (D-CA) Family Reunification Act, which would reduce arrears in family immigration and promote the humane and timely reunification of immigrant families. Founded in 1946, AILA is the national association of immigration lawyers created to promote justice, advocate for fair and reasonable immigration laws and policies, improve the quality of immigration and citizenship law and practice, and enhance the professional development of its members. Membership in AILA will help you achieve your professional and educational goals. The goal for many immigrants is permanent legal status in the United States. We can help you obtain permanent resident status. Please visit the Asian Americans Advancing Justice — LA website for a list of Know Your Rights resources in English and several Asian languages. The website contains resources on DACA, immigration enforcement, and the public charge rule. Despite the importance of family unity as a core American value, families continue to be separated due to an outdated immigration system and visa backlogs.

There are nearly 3.7 million aspiring immigrants waiting for family preference visas, and more than 40 percent of those stuck in family arrears come from Asia. In addition, the Trump administration is proposing to break up families through deportations or by ending family immigration. Family unity is an cherished tradition and the foundation of the U.S. immigration system that contributes to the country`s economy and strengthens families and communities. Together, family members help their new immigrant parents settle into their lives in the United States. Their immigrant family members then start businesses, take care of our most vulnerable, strengthen our economy and become citizens. They intervene to provide support in times of personal and economic difficulty. Janitors, who are mostly women, often do unpaid, undervalued work that allows their family members to work outside the home, contributing to our economy. Today, the vast majority of immigrants who come to the United States through the family system are people of color who form the backbone of our rich, vibrant, and multicultural American communities. In addition, we have seen how new methods and technologies have been used for immigration verification purposes, such as: monitoring the social media accounts of immigrants and non-immigrants who wish to enter the United States, raising concerns about privacy, online expression, and the impact on our communities. To learn more about our concerns about social media monitoring and the impact on our immigrant communities, visit our resources page. TpS is a humanitarian form of immigration status designed to protect foreign nationals in the United States from being returned to their home country if it becomes dangerous during the time they are in the United States.

and a return would expose them to «a risk of violence, disease or death.» Under this government, TPS beneficiaries run the risk of losing their status. Deportation stay, visas, permanent residence – ALIF has been a trusted resource in a variety of cases and when filing immigration documents. ALIF has experience and can advise clients in deportation proceedings before the Immigration Court, the Immigration Appeals Board (BIA) and various federal courts across the country. Can assist in exemption from expulsion, including waivers, lifting of expulsion, adjustment of status, asylum, refusal of expulsion and the Convention against Torture (CAT). Since the publication of the first edition in 1990, Kurzban`s Immigration Law Sourcebook has been the first legal reference to U.S. immigration law. It eliminates lengthy explanations to give busy lawyers what they need and to want a comprehensive, authoritative and concise analysis of a complicated area of law. The 17 fully updated. The issue will be published in August 2020. Increased law enforcement has had a strong impact on Southeast Asian Americans and other longtime residents and refugees. For many southeast Asian refugees, an old or minor conviction made in their youth means exile from the only country they know.

After fleeing genocide and war as children, they sought refuge in the United States, to be relocated to poor urban areas without sufficient resources. Faced with economic insecurity and excessive policing, many teenagers in Southeast Asia made mistakes and found themselves in a pipeline from school to deportation. Immigrants from Southeast Asia are three to four times more likely to be deported based on previous criminal convictions than any other immigrant group. Between 2017 and 2018 alone, the Cambodian-American refugee community suffered a 279 percent increase in deportations. Arrests of immigrants from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia amounted to nearly 3,000 arrests, or about 20 percent of the total number of Asian immigrants arrested during this period. As a result, thousands of people live in fear of deportation, stuck in crippling limbo that runs through their families and communities. Promoting | justice The AAJC supports the New Way Forward Act, a law that would reform cruel immigration laws that would lead to mass incarceration and deportation of long-term legal permanent residents and restore dignity to our immigrant communities. Read our blog post for more information about the New Way Forward Act and the deportation of Americans from Southeast Asia and other longtime residents and refugees. On February 24, 2020, the U.S.

Department of Homeland Security`s (DHS) final public indictment rule went into effect nationwide. In a public statement, Asian Americans advancing justice | The AAJC condemned this policy, which aims to significantly undermine the family immigration system that forms the backbone of our country and to prioritize wealthy and white immigrants. Promoting | justice The AAJC continues to reject the new rule and educate community members about it. Die Regel ist im Wesentlichen ein Wohlstandstest und eine Hintertürmethode, um die familienbasierte Einwanderung anzugreifen, indem sie es den Menschen erschwert, einen rechtmäßigen dauerhaften Aufenthalt zu erhalten, und versucht, Einwanderer davon abzuhalten, lebenswichtige Gesundheitsversorgung und andere Dienstleistungen in Anspruch zu nehmen. ALIF has over 36 years of experience handling a wide variety of immigration cases assisting the Hispanic community in all their immigration needs and in any state in the United States of America (USA). Either by defending them against deportation, obtaining work permits, obtaining permanent residence or visas to legally immigrate to the United States. Many undocumented immigrants can obtain employment authorization and apply for permanent residence for years of residence in the United States and/or by their immediate family members that make them eligible for an immigration benefit. ALIF ha estado ayudando a los inmigrantes desde 1986 a obtener legalmente los beneficios de inmigración que buscan a través de los siempre cambiantes y complejos requisitos de inmigración. The vast majority of Islanders of Asian and Pacific American Descent (AAPI) are immigrants or children of immigrants. The AAPI community has the highest proportion of immigrants of any other racial and ethnic group in the United States About two-thirds of Asian Americans and one-sixth of Pacific Islanders were born outside the United States. As a majority immigrant population, AAPI`s perspectives are crucial to ensuring that decision-makers and the public have an accurate understanding of immigration issues.