Best Kidnapping Episodes of Law and Order Svu

Fans of Benson and Stabler`s strong friendship believe that «Fault» is one of the best episodes of Law & Order: SVU because it has an amazing ability to use their bond as a source of conflict. After a sex offender is released from prison and abducts two children, Stabler and Benson argue with the abuser, who cowardly uses the child as a shield. Instead of pursuing the abuser, Stabler runs to Benson`s fate after she is injured by the abuser, resulting in the death of one of the children. Later, Stabler is held at gunpoint and Benson refuses to shoot the attacker for fear that Stabler will be injured. Ultimately, the murderer is caught by other members of CSR, so the two detectives have to wonder if they can carry out their work with the other as a partner. Law and Order: Special Victims Unit (or SVU, as connoisseurs call it) is one of those shows that never seems to end. With 23 seasons and 502 episodes, this is by no means a short clock. It`s been airing since 1999 and shows no signs that it`s going to stop anytime soon, so there`s really no time like the present to dive into this crime drama and meet some of the world`s most popular detectives, lawyers, and specialists. Are 502 episodes too much for you? Quite understandable. Instead of trying to do everything at once, here`s a guide to some of the best episodes of the series to help you get started and get acquainted with the main actors, plots, and cases of the series. Cynthia Nixon won an Emmy for her guest role in the first episode of season 9 as a murder suspect who claims to have dissociative identity disorder (multiple personality).

Tigers, birds and other exotic creatures are at the center of this episode, in which Stabler goes undercover to break up an animal smuggling ring that could be linked to an earlier case where a woman was found dead with a tiger bite on her neck and a dead bird in her purse. Things get chaotic when another undercover policeman gets involved and explains to SVU that the guy they are looking for is just a small part of a large prison gang that smuggles exotic animals. This episode differs significantly from many other episodes of the series due to its unusual (but important) theme and focuses not only on violence against humans, but also against animals. We see a lot of dysfunctional families and less than good parents on CSR, but the mother in «Responsible» is pretty high on the list of bad parents. A teenage girl is found dead in the apartment of a couple on vacation, and after being examined by a coroner, the decrees are called due to an important detail: the girl`s high blood alcohol level. When Stabler and Benson invest, they are shown a world of wild high school parties and frequent excessive drinking, facilitated by the mother of one of the teenagers. She not only provides alcohol to the minors, but also sleeps with a classmate of her daughter. This episode is both an example of the dangers of drinking minors and a question of how far the «I know what is best for my child» argument can go.

«Uncle» was a season 8 episode that gave fans more information about Munch`s family, and it was one of the saddest episodes of SVU. The squad investigates the rape and murder of a mother and daughter, and a homeless man becomes their main suspect. However, the homeless man turns out to be Munch`s uncle, Andrew (Jerry Lewis). Andrew had a nervous breakdown when he arrived in New York a few months earlier, leaving him homeless and not knowing who he was. Since Andrew is no longer a suspect, the squad begins to focus on someone else, but they don`t have enough evidence to convict them. Fans felt remorse when Munch`s uncle took justice in hand and went too far. Andrew realizes his serious mistake and takes the opportunity to go to a psychiatric hospital to be treated for his illness. Fans were saddened by Munch and his predicament. These are my favorite CSR episodes! Which episodes of Law & Order: CSR are the best of the best with such a long tenure? It`s almost impossible to answer, but these 11 episodes below still make fans` hearts beat.

«Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,» which is now wrapping up its 23rd season, has become one of the staples of the crime drama genre.