Is Uvic a Good Law School

In addition to getting high grades, it`s important that you develop excellent time management, study habits, and exam skills during your undergraduate studies. I also encourage students to include courses in their curriculum that develop their research, writing and analytical skills, all of which are essential to success in law school. The University of Victoria`s Faculty of Law is the only common law faculty in Canada that offers a cooperative education program. The program allows students to move from one internship to one academic semester to the next after completing their first year. Students in the cooperation programme have two working conditions; Students are each encouraged to complete an internship in a private company, a government and a public interest organization or administrative tribunal. Students are also encouraged to do internships outside of British Columbia, and a number of regular internships are available in locations such as France, Thailand, Mongolia, Northern Canada and Africa. While all co-op students have been offered admission in recent years, there is a lottery to find out who is admitted in time for the summer following the first year. [10] The University of Victoria`s Faculty of Law offers a unique clinical program called The Law Centre. [13] This program allows students to apply their legal skills by providing a wide range of legal services to low-income individuals in the Victoria area. Unlike most Canadian law school clinics, Law Centre students are required to receive temporary articling from the Law Society and can therefore represent a range of issues in a comprehensive manner. Students at the Legal Centre regularly appear in court for criminal hearings, family matters, criminal and civil trials, etc.

They also regularly appear before administrative tribunals such as the Human Rights Tribunal. Founded in 1995, the Environmental Law Centre provides legal information and support to local, provincial and national environmental groups, including the Sierra Legal Defence Fund, the David Suzuki Foundation, West Coast Environmental Law and Probe International. [6] Due to its focus on environmental law and sustainability issues, Corporate Knights Law magazine was ranked by Corporate Knights magazine as the second best law school in Canada for integrating environmental and social issues into the law school experience. [7] Approximately 105 students are enrolled each year. [3] LSAT is required for admission to school. 55% of students are women[3] and 29% are visible minorities. [4] Information on admission to secondary school is available online at After a multi-year effort led by John Borrows and Val Napoleon, the faculty became the first law school in Canada to offer a program that incorporates a study of Canadian common law and Indigenous legal traditions. The joint Juris Doctor and Juris Indigenarum Doctor (JD/JID) program began its first cohort in the fall of 2018.

[11] [12] University of Victoria Law has developed a student support program that is now a model for universities across the country. The Amicus curiae program is a unique initiative to support University of Victoria law students that plays an active role in engaging, advising and supporting you throughout your law school. These services are available to provide you with financial, academic, cultural and personal support. Our commitment to equity is supported by programs and policies that ensure a safe and open environment for all students. I choose between law schools — UBC and UVIc. I do not have a very clear idea of what kind of law I want to study, although I am attracted to the idea of public good law or environmental law. I completed my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto and now know that my mental health suffers terribly in extremely competitive and impersonal environments. The college-like and more relaxed environment of the University of Victoria is one of my main reasons to go there. On the other hand, part of me is always drawn to UBC`s reputation and the opportunities that can come from living in a big city.

Can anyone help me here? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each school? The goal of this coalition is to create a space for constructive dialogue that paves the way for Indigenous perspectives that respect animals and plants. Coalition members have participated in a mix of Indigenous laws and may include: the Environmental Law Club, the Animal Justice Club, the Indigenous Law Students` Association and the Animals in Society Research Initiative. We hope to contribute to the law school by hosting Indigenous and allied speakers and engaging directly with communities on issues affecting animals and plants. OUTLaws is a club for LGBTQA students from Canadian law schools. We host campus events and advocate for queer legal issues. Our school has the highest number of clinical placements per student in the country, strengths in a variety of disciplines, long-term partnerships with Indigenous communities, and a deeply rooted ethic of social contribution. The school was consistently ranked as one of the best law schools in Canada by Canadian Lawyer magazine`s Bulletin of Canadian Law Faculties before the magazine reformed the certificate to establish school rankings, and was ranked #1 in Canada for 2001, 2002, 2003 and 2005. [2] Maclean`s 2013 ranking of Canadian common law schools ranked the school seventh out of 16. If you have any questions, please contact the admissions office in The heart of every law school is its students.

Ours are amazing and constantly inspire us. We have diverse, dedicated and critical students from across Canada and around the world.