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For example, I wanted to publicly stream the fight on UniversumTV on YouTube on Discord today. Would that be legal? Maybe 15 to 20 people are watching. Apparently, however, the above page is legal. Can this be proven in some way (so that my family understands this and allows me to do it)? On the 0815 answers to the «you do not download anything» I do not listen here:D There is always the question of whether there is a way to watch HD movies for free on the internet. Of course, there are many sites on the Internet, but these are mostly illegal offers. This should be avoided in order to avoid a warning. In addition, there is often the risk of catching unwanted malware on pages. But how do you know that this is not a legal streaming portal? Hi, I`m downloading a movie from My question now is whether it is illegal to download movies via

What is illegal, however, is to put such productions online on the Internet, because by doing so, you are effectively deceiving the creators and owners of the films. You effectively steal a film and make it available to third parties for free. A good comparison is the following quote: In addition, even paid and legal streaming services such as: Sky, Amazon Video, Netflix or Maxdome do not offer the latest movies. Only when the film is released from cinemas can streaming services acquire the corresponding streaming license. In my class, emulators are currently a success. And then I thought there must be something lazy. Either they are illegal or they have viruses (PC). So what about it? Visiting the site is safe and legal. Viewing photos and videos on the website is also not punishable.

However, if you download the works, you will find yourself in a kind of gray area. On the website you can download movies and watch series online, supposedly for free. is therefore a platform on the World Wide Web that offers free HD streams of movies and series. It is striking that the most famous movies can be found on the platform shortly after their release, so you save the ticket price to the nearest cinema and the costs for legal streaming services such as Netflix, Youtube or others. This is why the site is often visited and is very popular with many users. There is no doubt that cannot be entirely legal. The question that many users ask themselves is whether it is safe to use or whether you can get caught. not that I`m very afraid of it now, I never knew before if it was legal or illegal, I just want to know what`s true now Until recently, it was still a gray area for watching movies and series on streaming portals such as Since 26.04.2017, however, the European Court of Justice has ruled that normally paid video streams that are offered for free are illegal.

Hi guys, I loved playing car racing games in my youth, including a game called Bleifuss.Je know if anyone else knows. I would like to replay the game so the question. Can I download the game Bleifuss anywhere for free and legally? What is the legal situation if person x illegally broadcasts a series or movie (for example, On Kinox, movie4k, ..) and is warned for it, but at the same time exactly this series / movie would have been legal on his existing Netflix (Amazon, maxdome, …) Account? The use of an illegal flow can only be proven on the basis of the IP address. It becomes difficult to identify the user because most illegal streaming portals such as do not store any personal data of users. In addition, there are different ways to conceal the IP address. On you can watch countless series and movies that even well-known streaming services don`t offer. The fact that it`s free is, of course, tempting. But really legal? Even though it`s hard to get caught right now, you shouldn`t take advantage of these offers. Especially now by the ruling of the CJEU, where illegal streaming is prohibited and can be warned. To answer the fundamental question: is illegal. The stay and use of this site may result in criminal penalties.

So take a look at traditional streaming services. If you still need decision support, our excellent overview of streaming services will certainly help you. «Legally, pure streaming of content without computer storage or redistribution is a gray area. The question of whether one faces prosecution for watching cinema films on dubious video portals has not yet been clarified by the highest court. Different legal notices are possible here, explains the copyright portal ``. Whether the provider`s streaming is legal has long been controversial, as user liability was not clearly defined. A new judgment creates legal certainty. I want to download this movie I got the link from is it safe and legal? And can you tell me about sites where you can download movies legally and safely? Thanks in advance:D Why illegal? Simply because you can`t legally stream this anime anywhere in Germany or you can`t buy this anime legally. 1. And 2 seasons cannot be legally broadcast and purchased. I know it`s also not acceptable for you to watch a certain anime illegally.

And I also think that the kingdom of Anime will never arrive in Germany. Do you think it`s morally acceptable to illegally watch an anime that you can`t legally buy or watch in Germany? It`s illegal and could be very expensive once you get caught. I know many of you say that Burning Series is illegal, but on the Burning Series side, it says that streaming on burningseries is in the gray area. Of course, you now think «yes, but the CJEU or whatever has made streaming illegal now» Let`s say you`re in a legal gray area: how do you know if it`s legal what you`re doing? Because you can also interpret the laws in one way or another. Especially with cinema films, users or citizens can assess for themselves whether a stream is offered legally or illegally. So, if the latest movie is offered on a streaming portal like, you have to assume that the other movies and series are also offered illegally. The streaming portal offers movies and series in free streaming. Whether legal or illegal, you can find out here. were available on page The mere fact that they seem to regularly change the URL here – similar to which has become too – should sound suspicious.

The fact that films still in theaters are being offered here clearly shows that this is being done illegally. After all, the money has just started with the film – so it is certainly not in the interest of actors and directors that the film is already available for free on the net. For a long time, however, it was unclear whether streaming was even classified as illegal. After all, the film is not stored and therefore not in possession. I always upload songs to youtube, albums to rapidshare, but on rapidshare, uploading music is illegal as far as I know. Unfortunately, I don`t see any legal way to get music albums. Have any of you iddeee?? So not individual songs but albums. And I want to load them onto the hard drive.

there`s a 60-minute Sherlock pilot. A first version of Une étude en rose. Can I watch them somewhere? If possible, legally. As far as I know, streaming is a grey area. Downloading, i.e. deliberate redistribution of material, is illegal and may be sanctioned. But I haven`t heard of any case in which only downloading is punishable. Especially nowadays, there are cheap and legal streaming offers from different manufacturers, which should also be used to stream online.

The Internet offer of is legal and only concerns films or legal services. With many streaming services, the first month can be tested freely and without commitment. These legal providers should definitely be preferred, here you will find an overview of the best services for streaming movies, series and sports broadcasts. Of course, I also used legal sites like AoD, Crunchyroll, and Wakanim. Galileo didn`t say that either. Streaming is fundamentally legal. Streaming illegal content is illegal. It is a legal grey area.

Downloading things is basically not illegal, but downloading is illegal again. It always depends on how it is interpreted. And there is simply no modern legal situation on the media and the Internet yet. But why do users get a warning if streaming is not illegal at all, but only the operation of the platform as such? Is it not only the site administrator who is an offender? Just like on kkiste or you can stream the latest movies and series on No registration is required. The videos can be easily viewed on your laptop or PC.