Legal Aid Wa Parole Information Kit

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If the Board decides to deny parole to an inmate in Western Australia, it must provide written reasons for this. A review of a negative decision may be requested if the decision: If a probation officer fails to meet a condition of probation in Western Australia, this is called breach of probation. If the Board is notified of a violation, it may: A prisoner will be considered by the Prisoner Review Board for parole in Western Australia if eligible. The Board may grant, postpone or deny parole to an inmate, taking into account factors that affect the inmate, victims and the community at large. If a prisoner has not committed a «serious crime» and is not a «prescribed prisoner» and has been sentenced to less than 12 months` imprisonment, probation is automatic. If probation is suspended, the probation officer is arrested, sent back to jail for a period of time, and then released on parole. If parole is revoked, the parole will be stopped and sent to jail until the end of their sentence or until the Prisoner Review Board agrees to grant them parole again. Under the Sentence Administration Act 2003, a person sentenced to four years` imprisonment or less must spend half of his sentence in prison before being released on parole. If a person is sentenced to more than four years` imprisonment, he or she is entitled to parole if he or she has served all but two years of his or her sentence. When an inmate is considered for parole, a parole review report is prepared by Community Corrections. A probation is supervised by correctional services and must meet conditions to protect the community and allow the Commission to supervise its conduct.

Eligible prisoners in Western Australia are given a date on which parole can be considered. After a refusal of probation, only a review can be requested. A new application may be submitted if the prisoner has new information relevant to the board. When a Western Australian court imposes a prison sentence, it decides whether the defendant can apply for parole and at what point in their sentence they can apply. If a court convicts a person for a very serious crime, it may decide not to set a time limit without parole. This means that the prisoner must serve his entire sentence in prison. The law governing probation in Western Australia is the Sentence Administration Act 2003. This information package is designed to help you if you are charged with a crime in prison.

This resource is designed to help you apply for parole, review a decision or reapply if your parole has been suspended, cancelled or denied. If you are a convicted prisoner, you may be on parole to complete the end of your sentence in the community. This includes prisoners serving short sentences of less than 12 months. If you would like to work with us, please contact us by email at This guide explains how to access WA Legal Aid services and resources while in prison or detention, including: Prisoners have the choice to work in a variety of industries, including: but not limited to slaughterhouses, dairy products, bakery, laundry and textile, metallurgical and cabinetmaking workshops. The prison industry also accepts assignments from external and non-profit organizations. However, they only accept work that does not threaten AV companies. Prisoners also make and repair items for donations, including clothing for vulnerable children cared for by the Department of Communities, as well as study tables and bicycles for underprivileged children. The Prisoner`s Handbook is designed to help you learn about your basic rights in prison and the resources available to deal with any problems you may have. The Misuse of Drugs Act 1981 prescribes and sets out penalties for all drug-related offences in Western Australia. Cannabis. Most industries are associated with accredited TAFE courses and apprenticeships.

You can find out what training courses are offered to inmates as part of education and training. Choose from the following options to access our prisoner self-help resources: Those affected by the prisoner`s crime can write a letter to the Board of Directors outlining their views on the impact of the prisoner`s release on them and the rest of the community. Like any business, industries offer a variety of products for internal and external customers. Prisoners must apply to work in these fields, in the same way as to get a job. Once approved, inmates acquire vocational and educational skills, which make them ready and qualified to find employment upon release. Legal Aid WA provides copies of the Prisoner`s Handbook to prisons across Western Australia. We do not share hard copies of this resource with anyone else. Two key areas of focus for the ministry are to be as self-reliant as possible and to make a positive difference in the lives of offenders and the community.

A reference to morality is a statement in court from someone who can comment on the personality of an author. It`s. Prison Industries has completed work for a number of government agencies, including the construction of hostels and picnic tables for the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, and the manufacture of clothing for the Department of Communities for children in care. In addition, projects for non-profit organizations such as carts for the Phoenix Athletics Club and a surf trailer for the Disabled Surfers Association have been completed.

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