White Hat Junior Legal Case

The case has since been pending before the Delhi Supreme Court and its last hearing was on April 9, 2021. Jihan eventually uploaded his #whitehatjr to his channel. Hopefully there will be no dismantling this time. #FreedomofExpression t.co/aaSFovAInv@whiteHatSnr@panktimehta @neeleshmisra @malpani @anubhavsinha @rvaidya2000 @tapak7 @realkaranbajaj @forbes_india t.co/AX5IGtnOXk pic.twitter.com/3MbzobSxw5 BYJU`S-owned company had sent the legal notice to Poonia last November WhiteHat Jr. and the strange case of disappearance of dissent (Forbes India) Edtech company WhiteHat Jr. decided to dismiss the defamation lawsuit against critic Pradeep Poonia to the tune of 2.6 millions of dollars, according to Poonia. The BYJU-owned company had sent the legal notice last November to Poonia, known on Twitter as username WhiteHatSnr, for «infringement of registered and unregistered trademarks». Poonia was also accused of launching a «systematic and highly defamatory attack» against the company, «even resorting to acts that are shamelessly illegal and subsequently making savage and baseless accusations against the plaintiffs,» the statement said. After a month, Jihan received an email from YouTube stating that WhiteHat`s copyright strike did not comply with legal requirements and that the video had therefore been restored. The Delhi High Court (HC) on Monday issued a preliminary injunction to Pradeep Poonia in a $2.6 million defamation case filed by the founder of programming startup WhiteHat Jr, Karan Bajaj.

The case was filed in connection with Poonia`s allegedly defamatory comments on WhiteHat Jr. on social media and in news reports. The statement said the defendant (Poonia) launched this wave of defamation in early September with his comments on WhiteHat Jr.`s ads about a fictional character «Wolf Gupta,» a teenager who got a job at Google. WhiteHat Jr. — which has since been bought by Byju`s — filed a defamation lawsuit against Poonia late last year, alleging that the software engineer posted «defamatory content» through its posts on various social media channels and «engaged in an unsubstantiated narrative against the educational platform.» Edtech player WhiteHat Jr. has withdrawn the $2.6 million defamation lawsuit against critic Pradeep Poonia. The complaint was filed in the Delhi High Court in November 2020. Bajaj, founder of programming platform WhiteHat Jr., filed a defamation suit against Pradeep Poonia, an engineer who has publicly criticized the company for its marketing tactics, the quality of courses on the platform, and aggressive removals of those comments. On Monday, WhiteHat Jr.

filed a similar complaint against Aniruddha Malpani, an investor who gave unflattering comments about the startup. Another interesting point is raised by lawyer Nikhil Narendran, a partner at Trilegal, who told Forbes that unlike previous years, when a court visit was required to extract something from the internet, now «there are intermediaries who control the flow of information with their community norms and policies.» Byju-owned WhiteHat Jr. had filed a defamation suit against software engineer Poonia in the Delhi High Court in November 2020 for defamation and spreading false information about the startup. The company, founded by Karan Bajaj, had also accused Poonia of infringing the trademarks and copyrights of WhiteHat Jr.`s property by using a YouTube pseudonym called WhiteHat Sr. «The truth is that WhiteHat Jr. has grown rapidly around the world because the program was not only effective but also extremely creative for children and Indian teachers gave their hearts and souls to teach them. We made mistakes growing up. Our marketing campaigns were poorly designed, which we changed.

Legitimate, honest, fact-based criticism is truly welcome. Flash scaling is difficult. Fires are burning everywhere. Keep giving us feedback to improve. But lies and illegal violations harm real lives and advance no one. These allegations led WhiteHat Jr. founder and CEO Karan Bajaj to file a defamation suit. In addition to Poonia, WhiteHat Jr. had also filed a $1.9 million defamation lawsuit against angel investor Aniruddha Malpani, who had previously been banned from LinkedIn for criticizing BYJU`S. In the application, Malpani was also accused of infringing the Trade Marks Act 1999 and the Civil Procedure Code 1908. [This is an ongoing story, the article will be updated as we receive more contributions from WhiteHat Jr or Pradeep Poonia.] And what are #WhiteHatJr with all the ads they put online where they lied to trick parents into selling badly? pic.twitter.com/I4BNNkqK1zSenior Counsel Mukul Rohatgi represented Karan Bajaj. The story was updated Monday at 2:30 p.m.

IST to add details about the second pursuit. Byju founder Byju Raveendran told Yourstory that WhiteHat Jr.`s marketing campaigns were «live» even before the company took over. He said he made sure his team corrected all mistakes.