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David Krumholtz had a guest role in the fifth episode «Wet» with actress Rosemary Harris. Krumholtz played a poisonous mushroom expert who is involved in the same murder investigation that Harris` character was involved in. Paula Patton, who was originally cast as ADA, also has an appearance as a GUEST as ADA Mikka Von.[23] In the episode, his character is fired for sending a defense attorney on vacation to give detectives more time to find out who actually committed the murder. In the sixth episode of «Branded,» Michael Gladis and Kevin Alejandro played two of the three rape victims. «They were marked and sodomized by someone,» Baer revealed, who said the show asked the following questions: «Is there a connection between these men and which case of nuts is at large?» David Alan Grier played defender Jeremy Swift.[24] Jason Wiles also joins Gladis, Alejandro and Grier in the episode.[25] Wiles played Alexander Gammon, who becomes the target of a rapist. [26] With young Calvin Arliss (Charlie Tahan) in charge, Benson claims to be looking for his drug-addicted mother Vivian (Maria Bello). However, Stabler begins to question this after noticing the connection between Olivia and Calvin. After arresting two paramedics (Mike Starr and James Martinez) for injuring a drunken partygoer (Shea Glaser) on the way to the hospital, SVU discovers that Vivian was at an open house where paramedics attended. Captain Cragen charges Tutuola and Munch with the case, but Benson gets involved against his orders, causing Olivia to grieve. The twelfth season of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit was released in the United States on August 22. It first aired on the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) in September 2010 and ended on May 18, 2011. It was the first season in which the series did not air alongside the original Law & Order. The episodes originally aired on Wednesdays between 9 p.m.

and 10 p.m. /9 p.m. (Eastern Time), with the exception of the season premiere, which aired from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. to 10 p.m./10 p.m. After the winter break, SVU returned on January 5, 2011 with another two-hour projection, before the broadcast time was changed to the 10 p.m./9°C time slot the following week. [1] When a teenage girl (Kristina Alexandra Makarian) on a plane shows symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder due to sexual abuse, all the evidence points to a wealthy arms entrepreneur (Colm Feore). The billionaire responds that the girl raped him at a party he threw, and Benson and Stabler find a woman (Kelli Barrett) who seems to be looking for young girls for him. Fearing that the squad might not have the necessary evidence to make an arrest, Munch worked to make the girl`s blog go viral, leading other rape victims to come forward. At the end of the season, Neal Baer resigned as showrunner. After the season finale, Christopher Meloni, BD Wong and Tamara Tunie left the main cast.

[3] [4] A woman (Virginia Kull) is raped in her apartment and her boyfriend (Afton Williamson) suspects that the rapist is one of the students at the downtown school where she teaches. However, the teacher blames someone else (Vondie Curtis-Hall) who happens to be the cousin of Los Angeles Congressman Joe Dekker (Terrence Howard). ADA Casey Novak (Diane Neal) returns to Special Victims after three years of censorship and challenges Dekker to court. Detectives uncover a history of racism involving the victim`s family and the suspect`s family, and Novak must convince both parties to tell the truth. Novak and Stabler learn that the intruder broke into the victim`s home to commit rape in order to take revenge on his mother (Irma P. Hall), who was raped by the teacher`s grandfather (Robert Hogan). A young girl is found dead, with a doll left as a totem. When Dr. Huang is out of town, Benson and Stabler seek help from a psychiatrist in one of their previous cases, Cape Jackson (Jeremy Irons). Jackson joins the detectives as they retrace the girl`s last steps and meet her piano teacher (Elizabeth Mitchell). During the interrogation, his skills prove invaluable in deciphering the meaning of the totem pole and eventually finding the murderer.

Jackson and detectives learn that the piano teacher lied to protect his sister (Agatha Nowicki) and that the two women were abused by their mother (Lisa Banes). Rose McGowan played another type of seductress in the episode «Bombshell». Baer said: «Rose plays a Grifterin named Cassandra who beats the swingers men who frequently attend sex clubs. And we are very happy to have them. Ryan has also had guest appearances. [40] Elizabeth Mitchell signed on for a «terrifying» role in the episode «Totem.» She starred alongside guest star Jeremy Irons, who appeared earlier in the season as Dr. Cape Jackson. Elizabeth was playing a single piano teacher who was the last person to see one of her students alive.

For the first time, the series was about a case in which a woman is suspected of sexually assaulting and murdering a child. Because of the rarity of this offense, Dr. Jackson is called upon to consult with Benson and Stabler to investigate the women who have committed this type of crime. On April 12, 2010, NBC officially brought in SVU for a twelfth season, with Meloni and Hargitay returning under the one-year contract they had with NBC prior to the start of production for Season 11, which included an option for a second year. The two began shooting new episodes in June and July 2010. [11] Hargitay expressed interest in his character having a baby this season, saying, «A friend! A baby! I don`t even need to get married. I just want a baby! Give me a baby! ». [10] When a man (Tom Irwin) is found stabbed to death in a garage, Benson and Stabler discover that he and his wife are swingers.

When detectives go undercover to a swingers club, they meet a popular lady (Rose McGowan) and an intruder, whom she claims to be her obsessive and jealous ex-boyfriend (Ryan). However, other research shows that they have a different type of relationship. As tensions grow, detectives wonder how far jealousy can push someone. When the detectives interrogate Dede, they are confronted by Ken`s New York victims and say that they were all in a restaurant with Audrey the night Ken was murdered and therefore none of them could have killed him. However, detectives ask where Audrey is and discover that while she was originally with Ken`s victims, she went to take a call on her cell phone and never returned. The third episode of this season focused on an investigation with a rape kit that drove Detective Olivia Benson (Hargitay) from New York to Los Angeles to meet Detective Rex Winters (Skeet Ulrich) of the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). The episode was filmed while Hargitay was in Los Angeles for the Primetime Emmy Awards in August 2010, and aired on September 29 before the premiere of Law & Order: LA on NBC. [8] Dede arrives at the compound to pick up her baby, and Ken also shows up. It turns out that Dede and Ken are engaged, and it was Ken`s idea for Dede to adopt the baby. He knew a pregnant woman who was a drug addict and arranged for Dede to take custody of the child because she could offer him a better life. Diane Neal, who played ADA Casey Novak from the fifth season to the end of the ninth season, repeated her role for the episode «Reparations»[19] with the actor of Law & Order: THE Terrence Howard, whose character (DDA Joe Dekker) comes to New York to defend his cousin. This episode was the second crossover episode with Law & Order: LA of the season.

Lori Singer played Dede, a mother whose baby is kidnapped in the episode «Bang»[42]. [43] John Stamos played an adopted lawyer with a secret passion in the same episode. Rita Wilson plays Bree Mazelon, the protective mother of a teenager (Sterling Beaumon), who is examined in the episode «Delinquent»[18]. Drea de Matteo starred in the eleventh episode «Pop», a pregnant and abused woman whose attacker also beats her son from another marriage. [29] Matteo said in an interview that she didn`t read the script before accepting the role, explaining, «I just knew they wanted me to do something on the show and I`m a fan of the show, I was really excited to be on this show. It`s like a New York staple. It`s part of our culture here. [30] Olympia Dukakis also played a guest role in this episode as a lawyer named Debby Marsh, who is hired to represent Sondra`s son (Al Calderon). [31] Taryn Manning played a guest role in the twelfth episode «Possessed» and portrayed a woman who had been forced into porn years earlier. Peyton List also played a guest role as a young version of Taryn Manning`s on-screen character, Larissa Welsh.

They shot scenes in December 2010. [32] Jeremy Iron`s appearance in «Mask» as Dr. Cap Jackson, a sexologist who runs a sex addiction rehabilitation clinic. «We are thrilled to be working with an actor of Jeremy`s caliber,» said Baer. «He brings depth, intelligence and charisma to all his various roles and we couldn`t be happier to have him as a guest star on SVU.» [33] A.J. Cook played a guest role in the same episode that Irons and Cook played OBGYN Debbie Shields, the lesbian lover of the daughter of the Irons character. Baer mentioned that «[t]he character is brutally attacked.» [34] Dede blew herself up at Ken`s house for sleeping with Imelda and then told Ken she was pregnant. Ken is excited because there will now be a new brother for baby Jasper, and even if the condom breaks, having a baby is a blessed event.

Benson notes that Ken`s condoms break quite often and that he could be a reproductive aggressor. He has an undeniable desire to conceive children and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. Benson points out that Ken makes holes in his condoms, which is typical reproductive abuse behavior.

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