Cilex Graduate Diploma in Law

A crash course for LLB or GDL graduates, take your legal career to the next level and choose two units of legal practice as well as client care skills. This way is for those who are looking for an affordable alternative to the lawyer or lawyer in the law. The CILEx Accelerated Graduate Diploma (Level 6) is a qualification for law graduates who wish to become lawyers. It is an alternative to the Bar Professional Training Course (BPTC) and the Legal Practice Course (LPC) and is known as a faster path to qualification as a lawyer. For those who cannot sign an apprenticeship contract or cannot afford the fees for the PLC, there is now an exciting new alternative in the form of the CILEx accelerated degree, which could prove to be an optimal career development option for many new law graduates. We know that law graduates are inherently highly analytical, astute and ambitious. Contact us at Professional Vocational Training on 0800 7999 148 or click on CILEx Graduate Fast Track to ask us everything you need to know about the Fast Track diploma. We look forward to helping you shape your legal career. CILEx`s Accelerated Graduate Diploma is for LLB graduates and non-legal graduates with a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL). Obtaining a CILEx accelerated degree means that you can qualify as an approved legal framework. Unfortunately, postgraduate loans for the CILEx Graduate Accelerated Degree are not available. However, the fact that the qualification is usually completed on a part-time basis means that many people can continue to work while studying, making self-financing more viable. The main entry requirement for the CILEx Graduate Fast-Track degree is whether you have an LLB in Law or a Graduate Diploma in Law (GDL).

You might need at least a 2:2 in your bachelor`s degree, depending on the institution you`re applying to. This course is designed for students who have completed the Level 3 Certificate and the Professional Diploma in Law and Practice. It is also suitable for law graduates and students with a postgraduate degree in law from an English or Welsh institution. CILEx Level 6 is the second and final step in the academic journey to become a Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer. This CILEx course is designed for law graduates and graduate degrees in law (GDL). It allows students to skip the expensive LPC and BPTC courses and become lawyers without having to get a competitive training contract or student body. For many law graduates, the prospect of getting a coveted training contract or paying a high fee for the LPC (Legal Practice Course) is scary and difficult, not least because there can be up to 100 candidates for every training contract available! For some, these traditional routes simply don`t offer the best work-life balance and can carry high financial risk. If you hold a law degree recognized by CILEx, you are eligible to obtain the CILEx Level 6 «Fast Track» diploma. At Professional Vocational Training, we are able to offer law graduates the opportunity to practice as a lawyer after successfully completing the required studies, without paying the high fees of the legal practice course and without the strong competition that comes with signing a training contract.

Instead, you will need 3 years of qualifying experience in the legal sector, this experience can be gained before or after graduation. This program can be completed in 2 academic years. A chartered legal executive is a lawyer accredited by the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEx). Legal frameworks share some similarities with lawyers and benefit from many of the same opportunities – your career path as a legal framework could lead you to become a partner in a law firm, lawyer or judge. Applications are open to accredited legal executives who are qualified and experienced. If you choose this path, you will obtain the CILEx Level 3 certificate in your first year and the CILEx Level 3 diploma in the second year. The CILEx Level 6 qualifications are then based on the legal knowledge acquired. If you are interested in becoming an accredited legal executive, read on to learn more about CILEx courses.

These are the qualifications you need to get before you qualify. There are several CILEx Level 3 courses designed for people who start their legal education at Level A and advance to Level 6 if they wish. A legal framework will study at the same level as a lawyer, but the field of study is not as broad. As you follow the CILEx pathway, you will focus on fewer areas of law, allowing you to become a specialist in the legal field of your choice, whether in the field of transfer, civil litigation or criminal law, for example. This includes tuition and assessment fees as well as application fees to become a CILEx Fellow at the end of the course. For important details, scroll down our path on this page or click on the titles below to go directly to the right section of this page. Alternatively, you can also download our diagram for general signal paths. Below are some of the optional units on offer. You must select at least two units of practice, while the third unit can be a unit of law or a unit of practice. You may need to take a short written English exam before starting the program (whether you are a native English speaker).

You must also provide an academic or professional reference for your application. There are also certain areas of law where legal leaders cannot practice unless supervised by a lawyer, including litigation, probate and transfer. The course fees for CILEx`s Level 6 Advanced Professional Diploma in Law and Practice include: The professional nature of the qualification means that many institutions offer flexible evening courses tailored to your work. If the application is approved, a Certificate of Advocacy or Litigation and Advocacy will be issued along with a Certificate of Practice to become a Chartered Legal Executive Lawyer or CILEX Litigator and a Licensed Legal Executive Lawyer.